Jenn Mahoney



HEIGHT: 5’2" / WEIGHT: 130 / EYES: Blue / HAIR: Auburn



YESTERDAY’S CHILDREN; Solo vocalist*; CBS TV Movie of Week

*(Sang theme song in Irish-Gaelic & English / 2001 EMMY Award - Best Music and Lyrics / Composer: Patrick Williams)

HENRY AND MARVIN; Lead; AFI (American Film Institute)

LUCIFURS; Supporting; Sandstorm Film Productions

UNCLE; Featured; Cinemotion Twenty First, Inc.

COMEDY NIGHT SCHOOL; Co-Star (various sketches); National Lampoon Network

TIME OUT (sit-com pilot); Recurring; Lappo Productions

THE POWER OF TWO; Supporting; Media 360 / U.S. Dept. of Health Services

ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS; Co-Star; Robin Lewin Productions

OMBA MOKOMBA; Featured; The Disney Channel



ROMEO AND JULIET; Lady Montague; East L.A. Classic Theatre (Dir. Tony Plana)

SOMEWHERE IN THE DARK (MUSICAL); Maggie (supporting); Morgan Wixson Theatre

EVERYTHING’S COMING UP ROSEE; Kelly (lead); The Tiffany Theatre (Dir. Ted Lange)

CELTIC TIGER ME ARSE; Sister Inferior; The Celtic Arts Center

CLUB DISNEY APPLAUDEVILLE THEATRE; Co-Star (various roles); The Walt Disney Company

PABLO (MUSICAL); Ensemble; Los Angeles Theatre Center

COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA; Marie (lead); Actor’s Forum Theater

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME; Diane/Sr. Henriette (supporting); Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

SWEENEY TODD; Mrs. Lovett (lead); Boston Univ. Studio Theater



Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting - Boston University College of Fine Arts

IMPROV: The Groundlings, Hollywood

ACTING: Darryl Hickman, Bill Young, Jim Spruill

VOICE: Karen Morrow, Jerry Newby, Mary Bazutti (Boston Univ.)

DANCE: Pacific Studio for Dance, Martin Morrissey

DIALECTS: Boston, New York, Irish, British, Cockney, French, Spanish, Southern, Mid-West, Valley Girl, Standard American

SPECIAL SKILLS: Improv, Singing (Belt/Mezzo/Alto), Teleprompter, Yoga, Irish Dance,Roller Skating, Swimming, Bicycling, Basic Stage Combat, Great with kids & animals, Ethel Merman singing heavy metal



Demo Reel

Demo Reel